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Magical Battle Arena Mar. 5th, 2009 @ 06:16 pm


Fate Testarossa screen saver Feb. 10th, 2009 @ 05:09 pm
Nothing fancy, but since I name each of my devices after a character they behave like, I made a screen saver of Fate Testarossa (from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) with Bardiche in scythe form under the moon. Just a simple animation with her back to the camera and the wind blowing, taken from an 8/10 of a second clip and extended. It's a bit large at around 30MB (I extended the animation out to reduce loop load), but if anyone wants it just reply here and I'll put up a download link you can download it here.

Works with widescreen as well as 4:3 displays.

Click to see full size

New TOS coming soon... Feb. 18th, 2007 @ 04:36 pm
...Since we didn't really have one before. Don't worry. If you belong here, you'll like them anyway, since they're only meant to preserve art and eliminate annoying people. And their access. Part of the screening might be ten easy questions anyone with a piece of a brain should know the answers to, and enyone already here won't have to do that anyway -- though you may get a snicker out of the stuff I've got planned. :D
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Mospeada check-up Feb. 10th, 2007 @ 08:06 am
Just wondering if anyone yet has all ten of the episodes of Mospeada which I posted here. Ready for me to cook the next ten episodes yet?
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Rozen Maiden Ouverture - not really a review Dec. 31st, 2006 @ 03:01 am
As I mentioned before, a two-part special in the Rozen Maiden series aired about a week ago. I watched it with darkechibi over some sausage dogs, and it's pretty good insight on why Suigin Tou acts the way she does. Also, more of Sousei Seki causing friggin' trouble, even in ages past. Attacking a clearly helpless and unarmed girl with intention to kill her is a lousy thing to do. Anyway, that's why Sousei Seki is my least favorite of the Rozen dolls. At any rate, I can say I generally rated the special as "not quite as good as the first series, but better than Traumend".

Go. Get it.

Rating: 4/5
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» Refried Mospeada
Hashing the first ten episodes of Armored Genesis Mospeada as MPEG. Will put up ed2k links over the weekend. :)
» Assholes.
I cant stand assholes. I am really sick of these online communities. I have tried a half dozen times to find a peer group that I share intrests with. Zilch. Every time I do I seem to make a blunder. How is that possible. Once ok, twice even three times, but more than that no fucking way. what I seem to find is that 99% of the world are ASSHOLES. I have been torched for posting links, not that advertised or competed but were on topic, and MINE. I have been blasted for making conversation and nothing else. I seem to find I am unwelcome eveywhere. why?

most recently I was at hongfire. good site for torrents. seems the "otaku" are not. I asked for help in relation to a problem I have. I had my post edited by a mod, for, breaking rules. He did not state why just "we don't want" because of the link in my post. the link was to direct people to my site for info as to my work. on the other hand a person, a poster, had a link to his deviant art page in his sig. why is the one not ok though on topic but the other is but not on topic. wow!

The only person that did respond somehow missed, even with many statements that I did PARODY art. and the only advice I recieved was to put more effort into my pictures... I don't see how I can.

but beyond all that, what I don't understand is how a community can exist that is not constructive or willing to grow, and accept new members. I always gathered that a group got together in order to edify and expand each other. how can this be that all they seem to be is a bunch of asswipe jerks who stroke each orhers ego and refuse to try new things. whats they're purpose. I wanted to join a club, and I felt I brought something to the table. so either I am an idiot, or they are assholes. I like to believe I am not, so they must be.


This was the originalCollapse )
» For the record
This community is still getting posts, but most of them are friends-only. If you'd like to join up and partake of wholesome goodness, here's an invitation to do so!
» Neo Ranga -- What the fuck?
I just learned a bit about ADV's English-language bastardization of the series Neo Ranga. Okay, I'm a little behind times -- sue me. They've taken all three sisters and "airbrushed" black bodysuits onto them, and marketed it as if it were some sort of wacky comedy.

Neo Ranga is not a comedy, though like most good series it has its funny moments. If anything, it rates as a mystic-themed social drama. It has at least as much darkness as humor, and none of the dorky, stupid "antics" ADV babbles about. When we wrote the original copy for SciBuster back in '99, we intentionally made inappropriate, misleading ads for it in order to make fun of AD Vision's stupid marketing. You'd be amazed how many people got the joke. Whatever we've done, we've never fucking butchered or censored anything.

I swear to Kolker, I wouldn't let ADV write the copy on Dubya's tombstone. That's how much less I respect that group of dick-whacking, art-destroying bottom-feeders than our current evil monkey puppet of a president.

Calgon, take them away and have them executed.
» Chii?
     Hello, and sorry for the recent lack of activity here. Hoping to step that up a bit. In fact, I have some news. I've managed to -- with some difficulty -- get the entire series of Chobits as uncut, high quality fansubs. These aren't like the crappy pseudo-subtitles Pioneer of America uses when it bastardizes things, where the subs and what's really happening have practically nothing to do with one another. If you haven't seen it before, it's really something special.
     I will be more than glad to put the series up for download here if there is some interest. So just let me know, mmkay?
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