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I cant stand assholes. I am really sick of these online communities. I have tried a half dozen times to find a peer group that I share intrests with. Zilch. Every time I do I seem to make a blunder. How is that possible. Once ok, twice even three times, but more than that no fucking way. what I seem to find is that 99% of the world are ASSHOLES. I have been torched for posting links, not that advertised or competed but were on topic, and MINE. I have been blasted for making conversation and nothing else. I seem to find I am unwelcome eveywhere. why?

most recently I was at hongfire. good site for torrents. seems the "otaku" are not. I asked for help in relation to a problem I have. I had my post edited by a mod, for, breaking rules. He did not state why just "we don't want" because of the link in my post. the link was to direct people to my site for info as to my work. on the other hand a person, a poster, had a link to his deviant art page in his sig. why is the one not ok though on topic but the other is but not on topic. wow!

The only person that did respond somehow missed, even with many statements that I did PARODY art. and the only advice I recieved was to put more effort into my pictures... I don't see how I can.

but beyond all that, what I don't understand is how a community can exist that is not constructive or willing to grow, and accept new members. I always gathered that a group got together in order to edify and expand each other. how can this be that all they seem to be is a bunch of asswipe jerks who stroke each orhers ego and refuse to try new things. whats they're purpose. I wanted to join a club, and I felt I brought something to the table. so either I am an idiot, or they are assholes. I like to believe I am not, so they must be.


This was the original

An artist in need of advice & assistance! WARNING adult material related
Wow and oh wow. I came accross this place recently and it seems pretty good. I was impressed with the assistance that another artist was recently given and figured, perhaps I may recieve some as well.

My problem is a bit... difficult. difficult to solve, I think. but difficult to explain as well.
I am a Hentai. Full out. I have been told it enough that I suppose it must be true. I am an artist. I have idea's, years of them. plenty of inspiration and am willing to redraw a picture as often as needs doing to get it right. Good so far right?
My problem? I lack direction on my idea's and for the last 6 years as my material has become better I have begun to.... fail.
How and why is rather vague, in fact invisible to me.
Now my tastes are strange, and thats a fact. I would direct you to my site for clearer understanding of this.
Now it is not that I do not have inspiration, I do, in fact I have lots of things that will inspire me. But not clearly enough.
sheesh this is a bit tough for me to explain. when I get an idea, it will be too simple, and thats the way it stays. no matter what.
lets take an example of something I have had waiting for a long time.
(as I do parody and thats about it, and very X H material this will color it)
Ranma-chan (of Ranma) in a hooker outfit.
I am sure you will see the first problem, this is very general. Now I wish I could say I had some control over it but, well, I don't. It is the thought and the inspiration that came to me.
Luckily this picture is a BIT easier than some. I know what I mean by hooker outfit. I will describe. Short tight micro skirt, prob. spandex. garter and straps, stiletto pumps. Heavy makeup, tube top, or bustier perhaps, lace in that case.

simple. But now for the next problem. I can't think of a danged thing to "frame" the "outfit" into a picture. In other words, now what? How do I have her standing, posing, moving, and why? what is the context? I have an idea and nothing to do with it. In my mind it is like having gas but no car... lots of fire but nothing to push. I am a TG, transgendered, and often my ideas are clothing related. I would rate it at about 90% of the time in fact. I like HC, I do not like masculine. I like soft and sweet, and drippy and "juicy". I have been told I must be crazy for me to be able to think this way and I have no reason to disagree, but it is still a problem. I have considered find help by "collecting" a few like minded people and dropping them idea's and seeing what they thought up. but I do not make friends easily. I also find my idea's are often considered strange by many. I am lost at this point. Frankly HELP!

I am sorry, I am a bit long winded and not very intelligible and I know it. I do not tend to talk and am very reserved usually but I thought maybe I might get some help. what kind I know not. I have been working on this problem myself for a long while. I appreciate your time effort and energy and willingness to even read this far. Thanks!

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Date:December 21st, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)
Keep in mind, almost eighty five percent of the people you will meet think Voltron and Robotech are anime. Most of the remainder still don't know the word "otaku" anymore, and think it's "annie may", like it's "karrie okie", "chee", and "karatey". Spitting on them is a waste of germs.

I guess to paraphrase, if you take a core sample of people who consider themselves to be fans of anime right now, you're going to come up with about 99.98% of people being posers, goobers, or assholes. And that remaining two hundredths of a percent is going to take some severe digging to uncover. The only thing that might help is that I don't believe you'll find them hanging out with the aforementioned 99.98%.

I looked over your post and the seven responses so far as of the time of this writing. By my observation, you didn't break the cited rule. However, by acting abusive, the turdmunch who edited your post did. Still, what's the point? If the kind of people you're looking for are anywhere on that board, they're probably being pounded into the ground by jerkwads like him. Admins love to use their penises on people. It makes them feel manly and assertive.

I don't know where to look. But if I see people being assholes in a forum or talking about how hot that Haku chick was, I know that's not where I'm gonna find anyone useful.
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