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Neo Ranga -- What the fuck? - Uncut Anime community

About Neo Ranga -- What the fuck?

Previous Entry Neo Ranga -- What the fuck? May. 10th, 2006 @ 02:03 am Next Entry
I just learned a bit about ADV's English-language bastardization of the series Neo Ranga. Okay, I'm a little behind times -- sue me. They've taken all three sisters and "airbrushed" black bodysuits onto them, and marketed it as if it were some sort of wacky comedy.

Neo Ranga is not a comedy, though like most good series it has its funny moments. If anything, it rates as a mystic-themed social drama. It has at least as much darkness as humor, and none of the dorky, stupid "antics" ADV babbles about. When we wrote the original copy for SciBuster back in '99, we intentionally made inappropriate, misleading ads for it in order to make fun of AD Vision's stupid marketing. You'd be amazed how many people got the joke. Whatever we've done, we've never fucking butchered or censored anything.

I swear to Kolker, I wouldn't let ADV write the copy on Dubya's tombstone. That's how much less I respect that group of dick-whacking, art-destroying bottom-feeders than our current evil monkey puppet of a president.

Calgon, take them away and have them executed.
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