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Fuck DIGIVIEW! Oct. 11th, 2005 @ 12:23 am
This strange company has been bringing you inexpensive, randomly-arranged DVDs of old cartoons for a couple of years now (you can stumble across these at nearly any Wal-Mart, for instance). At this time, however, they are also producing several series of bastardized, censored, chopped-to-shit anime.

So if you see a classic cartoon disc you might like, check the back. If it says DIGIVIEW on it, your dollars will finance the spread of censorship, misinformation, cultural distortion, and the destruction of art.

So, no screaming, but no punches pulled... fuck DIGIVIEW, and don't buy any of their crap.
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Space Pirate Captain Harlock on DVD Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 05:07 am
Was wondering how that was going?

Thanks. ^.^
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Brand New Travesty Oct. 27th, 2004 @ 03:00 am
Y'know, Mospeada was a damn terrific series, far superior in every way to the derivitive (and derisive) Robotech. I was in a local video rental store today and saw yet another Robotech game.

When the Hell are you jerks gonna quit picking on my favorite series, scumbags? Are you going to at least stop sometime within my lifetime?


Anyway, just remember that Robotech is not anime. It's a bastard travesty made from bits and pieces of things that used to be anime. Just like if you replace all the apples in apple pie with oranges, you can't call it apple pie anymore.
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Space Pirate Captain Harlock DVD availability Oct. 11th, 2004 @ 09:16 am
Set 1 --> lilibat
Set 2 --> azazel42
Set 3 --> kimivalkyrie
Set 4 --> the_egoist
Set 5 --> kefka40

Well, that's all of 'em! It's good to see that there are still some people who are interested in the real stuff. I'll post more here as the series gets closer to completion -- still got a long way to go for now.

Ja ne, minnasan!
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Anime Produce Review - Cosmo Warrior Zero Collected Edition from Anime Works Oct. 9th, 2004 @ 01:12 pm

Cosmo Warrior Zero collected edition
Anime Works
ID Code: 631595033625

Being a tremendous fan of Captain Harlock in his many incarnations, as well as of related series, I jumped at the first chance to get this release of Cosmo Warrior Zero. The US producer, Anime Works, does not have a spotless track record, but they did a pretty good job this time. Here's the scoop on the product.

As an overall, the subtitles were decent and more or less accurate. There were a few places here and there where the dialogue had been flubbed, but nothing major. Once or twice the timing got a little crazy, but settled down after just a few seconds.

VIDEO (****/5)
Pretty good all-around video quality. On rare occasion, a perceptive viewer might see a hint of MPEG2 compression artifacts upon bright reds. This is being addressed because at only four or so episodes per disc, there was plenty of room to spare and therefore no need for sloppy compression. Still, very good overall.

SOUND (****/5)
The sound is as crisp and clear as anything I've ever heard. Zero rates an imperfect score here because there are brief instants now and again where the sound cuts completely out. It is, however, always quick to resume.

As an overall, the packaging and execution is very clean and solid. A blessedly clean and simple menu takes you to the setup and the sparse special features on most discs (disc 4 does contain the Marina Special). Some of the nicer things like interviews which are included with the Japanese Version have been left out to make way for goofy outtakes featuring actors from the English dub botching their lines. Clearly omitted episode titles are also a kick in the teeth.

THE VERDICT (3.75 /5)
No Harlock/Galaxy Express 999/Gun Frontier fan should be without some version of this incredible series. As such, you can't really go wrong with this one. Buy it!

Subtitle quality: OK (***/5)
Video quality: Good (****/5)
Sound quality: Good (****/5)
Presentation: Good (****/5)
Overall score: Good (3.75 / 5)

Reviewed by foxsynergy
Other entries
» Progress Update
Ah, just a friendly update to inform you that the first ten episodes of Space Pirate Captain Harlock have been transferred to DVD. I still have three more spots on my list, so sign up to get these for free when they're done. Unless you like the censored Harmony Gold crap. Er... if you do, get the Hell offa this board, okudasai. ^.^*
» Fight evil with Space Pirate Captain Harlock DVDs!
I have had the good fortune to be able to purchase a set of vintage, uncut episodes of the entire original series of Space Pirate Captain Harlock, completely uncensored and professionally subtitled, on VHS.

In order to preserve this incredible milestone of anime by animation god Matsumoto Leiji against the coming wave of Cartoon Network's bastardization, I am transferring them to DVDs. The picture quality is decent enough, especially when you consider that the source is over twenty years old.

In doing my part to fight for anime purity, I will be giving these away for a limited time. All I ask is that you pay for the blank discs and whatever method of shipping you would like.

These will take me about a month to put together, so please be patient. I'm not trying to get in trouble or start any kind of industry, so I'm limiting the offer to the first five takers who reply here.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
» Cosmo Warrior Zero
Wow. I managed to score this hard-to-find series through some back channels, and I've rarely been happier with an anime. Cosmo Warrior Zero seems to take place between the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock and the recent Eternal Odyssey, effectively alienating Arcadia of my Youth from the timeline.

The story mainly follows Captain Warrius Zero in his assignment to take down Harlock, with the hidden agenda of the Machine Men as the backdrop. It's a bit hard to find due to an apparently sparse production run, but I was able to score one from DigitalEyes.net.

We're a little over halfway through the series now, and Tochiro has just finished more or less accidentally destroying Gun Frontier. This is great!
» Gun Frontier

I can find absoloutely no English-subtitled version of Gun Frontier online for download (you can get the French dub all day). So, without ceremony, I give you episode 1. You will need software capable of using ed2k links in order for the URL below to function. More to come as I get them converted.

Gun Frontier episode 1 (English subtitled) ALPHAVISION.mpg

Enjoy! I'll have a full product review of the Anime Works "Gun Pack" release of this series very soon.
» Anime Product Review - Ranma 1/2 entire series from Anime Cartoon International
Ranma 1/2 entire series boxed set from Anime Cartoon International

Ranma 1/2 entire series
Anime Cartoon International
ID Code: 4988102822712

We picked up this boxed set of Ranma 1/2, neither of us caring too much for the censorship and lousy voice-acting of the dub, and rejoiced when it got here. Then we cringed in horror when we saw that it was released by Anime Cartoon International. Through importing anime, we have learned to fear those three words.

Our fears were completely called for. We sat down to enjoy the anime and relax. Instead, we battled through the second worst subtitles I have ever seen. While the majority of the translation is accurate, the main problem I have with it is the fact that they could not keep the characters' names consistent. For example, the main character, Ranma, is sometimes referenced as "Ronma" and sometimes "Runma". Akane often gets called "Ahake". Charlotte becomes "Halute". Sasuke to "Zozhu". And (ye gods help us) Nabiki is called "Faye". Sometimes, the subbers would get two characters' names mixed up. Timing is pretty rotten in places, and once in a while, you'll run smack into a lull with no subs whatsoever. None of these faults happen one hundred percent of the time, and the Japanese dialogue is completely intact. Still, you wind up having a bout of trepidation before each episode, hoping that it will be one of the many that actually do have good subtitles.

VIDEO (***/5)
The video quality is OK. Colour and clarity are usually pretty decent except in high action scenes, where you can see compression blocks rather heavily.

SOUND (****/5)
The quality of the audio is good. I don't have a complaint with it at all.

There are several reasons why ACI's boxed set scores so low in this field. Primarily, there is a nasty tendency for discs to end abruptly in the middle of an episode, and you have to pop the next disc out of the uniquely designed and very annoying package in order so finish. This could happen at any time. Once or twice, episodes are actually missing entire sections altogether. The boxes they come in are of a strange design that holds a lot of discs, but they do not close securely. Additionally, the hinges that hold the disc holders in place are very weak, and were broken off three of the boxes upon arrival. Many discs were heavily scratched in ways that was obviously not due to shipping damage, leading me to believe this is fairly common. Discs in Box 4, scratched or not, will very often play for a moment or two and then freeze up, or spontaneously jump ahead a few seconds, causing you to have to fight with your DVD player rather than enjoying yourself. I suppose the presentation and production could be worse, but this is the worst I've seen so far, so it gets a 1.

THE VERDICT (2.5 /5)
If you must have Ranma 1/2 and absolutely cannot afford any other company's production of this boxed set, you may enjoy struggling through this production. If you are fluent in Japanese and do not need the English subtitles at all, then I might even recommend it as a bottom-of-the-line selection. But if you have any opportunity to get an uncut boxed set other than this one, I strongly recommend you do so!

Subtitle quality: Poor (**/5)
Video quality: OK (***/5)
Sound quality: Good (****/5)
Presentation: Horrid (*/5)
Overall score: Below Average (2.5 / 5)

Reviewed by foxsynergy
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